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The titular character is a vet named Frank Castle, who seeks revenge after the murder of his wife and children. Among the many people he encounters along the way is David Lieberman, a. Ebon Moss-Bachrach: On a show about unlikeable people, he was the least liked, sure. On Punisher , David is a little more understandable and likable of a character. Desi was, in many ways, a big baby with the motorcycles and guitars and stuff.

Implicitly, it seems like one is a lot more sympathetic than the other. He feels compelled to do something at great risk. Probably a greater risk to him and his family than he thought. He seems like a man of very strong wills, and very intelligent, with an amazing ability to focus on something.

What carries us through this season is him focusing on getting back to his family, and proving his innocence. How does that play into his arc for the season? The show also brings up the discussion of what it means to be a patriot in this day and age. Moss-Bachrach: I think one of the themes of this show is what is responsibility to an institution? What does real loyalty mean? What does real patriotism mean? When do you have to take ability and not follow orders? This is a comical show to me. This is escapism. I read that you worked on the character to give him a little more dimension than just being the tech guy.

Your character here is the perfect example. Moss-Bachrach: Yes. They promised me. Frank and David are both very much motivated by their families, but your character seems more likable and approachable. Do you think that was the way the character was written, or is that something you brought to the role?

Moss-Bachrach: You have to contend with my innate charm and likability, he jokes, he says through the smile of self-loathing and insecurity. Not to be cynical. His goal is to get back to his family. The fourth episode has a big car chase. What was filming those stunt scenes like? Moss-Bachrach: That was super fun. I got to drive around the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the middle of the night in a big car. Getting pushed over and punched, then cold water thrown on me. Then I would go home and hang out with my family, then for the rest of the week getting [he was] punched as hard as you possibly get punched, and getting thrown off of stuff and getting blown up.

I would come back in on Monday rested, and he would just be covered in bruises. I like that. The first day I showed up, and went to my dressing room, I was like, this is a tiny little flesh-colored tiny little thong with a baggy on the front that I used to wear for sex scenes during Girls.

Here we are again. It was hard. The water was really cold. Are we sill friends? Hey Greg, we still friends? Moss-Bachrach: Oh, it was horrible. Legs, back, kind of back behind. Zip ties. I tried to be really serious about it, so I wanted the zip ties tied tight. Your character has a long, storied history in the comics. Did you do any research ahead of time? Moss-Bachrach: Yeah, I would love to go back more to the comic books.

We learn a lot about David in the course of the season. I love the mystery surrounding him in the comic book. It might just be my haphazard reading of The Punisher. Micro always seemed like such a mystery to me, and a real lone wolf kind of guy. I would like to explore some more of that. Moss-Bachrach: Yeah. The MSA of the streets. Played by the great actor Jake Weber. Turned out to be my girlfriend. We shot a lot of that stuff a block from where I was living at the time, in Brooklyn.

I was humiliated and felt like I had to move, because I could never go back to my coffee shop again. The original. s: 1 2 Next. Top Box Office. Jester McGree. What's the Tomatometer? Follow Us. Related News. The 5 Most Anticipated Movies of July. More Related News. More News.

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Wife wants nsa Lightfoot

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