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News Ticker. Due to the high of e-mails we get we cannot guarantee to publish every single message we receive. We may also edit some e-mails for purposes of clarity and length. The views expressed on these s are not necessarily the views of the BBC. The e-mails published will be reflective of the messages we have been sent.

I watched Panorama with disgust I work with families affected by seeking asylum and having scrolled through the comments here from Jo Public it is clear that your programme has furthered the prejudice and common perception that that all asylum seekers are criminal or having a laugh at our system. Just to clarify a point or two the majority of people that I have worked with are living well below the poverty line as they are excluded from mainstream benefits and prohibited from working, they are often in housing that is hard to let and it is common for people to have to wait for an average of two years for a final answer on their asylum claim.

Add to this the effects upon self worth, living with increasing racism and global uncertainty and these people have a miserable existence. The effects of living in these situations is far reaching We are talking about women, men and more importantly children. How fortunate you are that you dont have to even contemplate the horrors of persecution. The same old argument about asylum seekers taking our money, jobs, land etc Tracey Hewett, United Kingdom I work with refugee's on a daily basis, and i agree there are a lot of false asylum claims, but what astounds me is that the really most obviously genuine heart renching stories are refused while blatantly lame stories get leave to remain, and in my daily dealings with the Home Office and NASS they are both inconpetent, urealistic and unproffesional Zahraa, UK How many riots could be caused by a programme like this?

I live in an area with a large percentage of the local community being made up of asylum seekers. Public opinion is already low enough throughout Britain with out your programme highlighting the obvious failures of the system. Local communities have enough problems educating residents about asylum seekers without your help to make the situation worse than it already is. If not, they must be laughing up their sleeves at us and no wonder we're called a 'soft touch'. Ann Greenhorn, Scotland Where has compassion gone. Are we unable to put our selves into the shoes of another human being.

People from the UK are emigrating everyday to improve their life chances-they are not fleeing from persecution they want a betterlife for themselves and their children. If we can congradulate ourselves for taking such steps how can we condemn other nationalities for wanting a better life. Otherwise we are clearly saying people from democratic countries should have more rights than people who live under a regime. Helen, UK The programme was very informative. I urge the government to instead of prosecuting its makers take lessons from it.

It highlighted a of points, such as the guy renting his government house whilst receiving benefits. It's terrible to see the system being exploited this way, something has to change. I also felt that the programme would incite those who claim that all asylum seekers are economic migrants, not enough was spent on the real cases. But it infuriates me - how come Holland seems to get it all right? What do they do that we don't? Corinne Gurvitz, England A truly excellent programme. At last Panorama seems to have found its investigative feet again.

It has revealed "the truth that dare not speak its name" about the collapse of the asylum system - without being overly provocative. Everyone involved in the process knows it is a farce- and well done to Ms Murg for her courage in demonstrating this. It is time that we withdrew from the Convention and set up a fair system that keeps out the economic pimps and bums who congregate on our shores. At present the truly vulnerable are losing out. John Mclaren, UK Great programme- brave and painfully accurate. Colin Nixon, UK Panorama was a disgrace. Yes, there is abuse of our asylum laws.

But the report was snide, sarcastic and factually innaccurate. It was packed with one-sided and ill-informed comment. I agree their are genuine asylum seekers out there who have lived in fear and persecution. The programme showed the total incompetence of the Immigration Service and the black market of 'pimps' work agencies, and fraudsters who abuse these people by getting them into poorly paid work. I would like to know what Claudia was arrested for and if the government, police or immigaration services have acted on the information shown within the programme?

Fraud, handling stolen property, knowingly employing workers with no work visas, and 'economic' migrants defrauding the government. One last point, the Home Secretary stated that Claudia was identified by the Immigration Service, was this after she owned up? Tony, Luxembourg I watched the programmes put out last night, having had my doubts as to the efficiency of the way we process applications. I must say that what was revealled last night confirms the system is in a shambles and we are indeed a soft touch. Jon, UK I was absolutely appalled at the ease with which the system for processing asylem seekers was manipulated.

Despite government claims to the contrary, the system is clearly in freefall and totally out of control. This was, for every hard working tax payer, one of the most depressing insights into the state of the country's immigration system. I do hope the information gained has been turned over to the police, in order that the appropriate action is taken against these individuals.

What action are the Police taking? The 'illegals' must be driving on false documents which makes then uninsured, no driving licences, false registration of ownership. The Police could stop and arrest these people which will bring to light the sources of this 'False Document' trade. Also you have not mentioned that 'illegals' can be documented in other E. George Partington, United Kingdom I really don't think it's a big deal. This has been happening for years. Britain is not the only country having problems. Nothings been done as these Asylum Seekers actually help the economy. They are just doing the jobs that no one in this country wants to do.

If it wasn't for these people coming in then we'd probably be living like a third world country. The fact is that the real problem is that asylum seekers are not white. Anthony Shepherd, Netherlands I stayed up especially to watch this programme and found it fair but not surprising. Although I believe we have a moral duty to receive people suffering persecution I do not believe we are in fact in a position to support economic migrant workers.

Working in the Food Industry I can personally confirm that many factories in this area have more non-UK citizens working via gang-labour than there are British people. The reason being is that they are cheap to employ which drives wages down with the obvious consequences for the community. There is an argument that immigrants contribute to our taxes. They do not. Any money earned is returned to their homes or saved up to take home so on their return to the UK they can reapply for asylum. They admit this. Finally, it needs to be made clear that not every asylum seeker is an educated and noble person.

As we have criminals and dole cheats in the UK there are also these types coming in to the UK. From personal work experience I have seen migrant workers exploit the system not only to their financial advantage but also appealling to those in the civil liberties arena. It has now reached a point in the Food Industry where a migrant gang worker will receive biased employment treatment in their favour because employers are terrified of being labelled racists. These workers know this as they are exceptionally switched on regarding their rights and will demand them.

It is easy to imagine the tension this is causing. It is evident that ificant changes in the 'system' and public attitudes towards this situation need to be fully addressed before we see a horrific backlash that will affect us all. Katherine Butcher, UK The UK and other first world countries should behave in a responsible way to 'Asylum' seekers in the way they went to colonise countries on other continents. They left children of mixed race descent on the continents they conquered and this is one issue they do not want to discuss.

Your reporter should have experienced living on the streets or in insecure, depladitated overcrowded housing, being unable to access services or medication and living in permanent terror if she wanted to portray the reality. We migrated because there was work here and we have worked since coming here, paying taxes and contributing to this society. Most of the eastern block migrants simply want to milk the system, which is not acceptable.

These people need to be rounded up deported and never let back in again. Funny that David Blunkett was not so happy about it. Even funnier that the ID card your journalist obtained was a French one. French ID cards were changed a while ago and the model she aquired was sold to the French people as unfalsifiable.

Who looks in on the BBC? You are bound by the RRAA which requires you to promote good race relations. It is a sad day for public service broadcasting when it can provide a platform to overt racists and compromise race relations in the UK. Ratna Lachman, UK Your programme portrayed asylum seekers as as criminals, yet a report by the Association of Chief Police Officers said the rate of crime among this group was no higher than among the rest of the population. In fact asylum seekers are more likely to become victims of crime. There have been numerous attacks on asylum seekers in Britain, including murders.

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