Queen meets king chivlary love and Salt Lake City Utah

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I-AKD "Almn. Where Do You Live? Perform -nnces every afternoon and evening. Performance l every afternoon and two at night. Hobnrt and vras produced by Joseph Lfln Weber at his own theater at Thlr- Itieth Btrect and Broadway, 2iew York, "where it enjoyed a long and prosperous run, a tuecess -which haa been duplicated wherever it has since been presented. PosBi-bly the most winning feature of the production is the music which is mostly of tho slow, entrancing kind that.

Mies Lylo makes her debut tonight at tho Colonial and it will be hor first oppcaranco on nny stage in Salt Lake. Kola's selection for Lho week to come, beginning tonight, is- that fas-cinnting and chnrmiug romanco of the sixteenth century, "Dorothy Vernon of Ilnddou Hall," and it iB doubtful if tho popular slur could have chosen a play bettor adapted for himself, his now leading woman and tho members in bis company in goncral than this dramatisation of Charles Major's do-lighf.

Tho play is a historical molodrnma and was produced originally in this city by Miss Rciflin Gal I and. Its period is the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when knights wore bold and love and romance occupied men's thoughts. The spirit of chivalry, of daring deeds to gain milady's.

The scenes aro laid at the ensiles of Lord Vernon and his hated rival, Lord Rutland. Years before the story opens V'ornon had pledged his vord to give his daughter Dorothy in marriage to Rutland's son, ir John Manners, but Uie hatred which has sprung up between them makes Vernon forget his early promises and ho arranges that his daughter shnll wed her cousin, Sir Malcolm Vernon. Sir John, a huud-sonic, knightly gentleman, comos to claim i ho hand of Dorothy, but on learning the bitter feeling, against the Rutland?

But Lord Vernon, enraged by the young man's duplicity, and Sir Malcolm, who arrives on the scone to claim his fair cousin, vow vengeance against Manners. Dorothy is asked to give him up. Sho refuses and is threatened with a lashing. Then she -is mado prisoner and starvod, but shu refuses to submit. Sir John conies to t'roo her and is captured. The arrival of Queen Elizabeth give; him an opportunity to escape and plan for Dorothy's rescue. In the meantime, Dorothy becomes involved in strange adventures of her own.

She is compelled to cross swords with hor cousin, to Tide at breakneck speed to the Rutland castle, to warn Mary, Cuoon of Scots, who is hiding there, ot her danger from Queen Elizabeth's followers, and finally to flee from her father's home with Sir John to ovoid hor people's wrath. Stirring incidents and constant ac tivity mark the progress of tho drama, and throughout its four acts there is never a moment that can bo called dull. Tho scenos and period of tho play call for picturesquo sottings and brilliant costuming, and both will be supplied with tho usual lavishncss of Colonial productions.

The roles will be taken by the members in Mr. Kellv; I William J. Kelly and bis new leading woman, Edith Lyle, who appear at theColoulal this week in "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall," oponing to- ffi catches the car and makes the auditor SB want to hum it over and over again In to hhnsolf. On its last appearance hero jB many folks could be heard whistling n as they left the theater tho strains of H "Alma, Sweet Alma," "Love Me" aud H tho iuni-eut 6ong which Eorac thought II the prettiest ballad thoy had ever H heard, while others were giving tho S8 palm to "Boogic-Boo.

B Au inuocent fresh-faced young man H comes from the country to Paris to H inherit a huge fortune if his iecsu't H propose to any woman in a given time, H which is only twenty-four hours off. H Alma, -who is o lovely and attractive ffi that a dozen admirers aro asking tvher" do you livo?

I g i" the efforts of Alma to "win him first H for the others and then for herself is found the plot. Of conrso she saves B him aud much to tho dclieht of every-M body but he wicked rotative, thev? Charles F. Orr, John Hi Mondinger. Edward Xaglo. Herbert Jm Crowley. Kelly's I Mock company at tho Colonial, the ff plan? Vernon, Richard Vivian; William? Opening tonight "Dorothy Vernon of. THIS afternoon there will be introduced for a week's run another corking good bill at the Orphcum. Those with the vaudeville-' habit who missed the enter-tainiug sketch from last week's bill are promised a rare treat in the headline offering which comes in tho form of a h'omc lifo incident which is - presented by Louise Galloway Joseph Kaufman and company.

Their vehicle is one of the latest play lots from the pon of Edgar Allan Woolf, entitled "Little Mother. Kaufman is well known for his successes in "Via Wireless. Tho big scream on the now bill will be accorded Chris Richards, an absurd English comedian with a highly dc veloped sense ot the ridiculous. He is a most diverting fellow. He sings : verse or two, fires oil a few sallies ia Fronch, and does - some wonderful juggling feats of the amateur order with a light bowler hat. But it is tho characteristic, strut, tho eccentric danc ing, "and tho splits that form the astounding features of his turn.

Judging by the mannor in which he occasionally employa his logs, one would think tnoy have little or no connection with other parts of his anatomy. That there are a few new thinirs to be done in iuggliug is fully demonstrated b3' Mile. Lucille, who, with her remarkable parrot, Cockic. The parrot is a wonderful bird with unusual intelligence.

Ho gives an imitation of a cornet, talks, dances ami sings ragtime. Their act is ccrtaiuly a noveltj'. Among the most sensational foreign wire gymnasts aro tho Hassans. Their exhibition is unique, inasmuch as all of their athletic feats are performed on a tight or slack wire, oven to the riding of a monocycle. One of the most dar- TTh3 v,'ondcrful scries of motion pictures taken in the Arctic regions last summer by the Car-negio Museum Alaska-Siberia expedition, will bo placed on view at the Garrick for four days fitarting with a matinee today.

Captain F, E. Kleiiischmidt, lho in-licpid Arctic bi g:iic hunter and ual uraljtt, who commanded the i vt. Tin Kskimo came hi tor his lull share ot attention- aud his Louie Jili- in t hi- igloo. A neat, clean-cut comedy acl that has roceiny como to light in vaudeville is the monologue of Henry Lewis. Four comedians. Elaborate stage sot-tings. Fun, music and pretty girls. His comedv is largely in. Ho has a short but very arausinr' lino!

Soelcy and West, in "Tho Coou and tho Octoroon," visitod America two years ago, and at tho end of the engagement began a tour of tho world, which has only just been completed. Thorp is an abundance of good music every iced, and have all been pre-sen-cd in lb, form of moving pictures ropleto with thrilling and ' amusiu" 6C0nfi8. Aside from the educational aud scientific value of the pictures they are rich jn human interest and afford a miiquo and wholesome entertainment. I he monsters of Ihe deep are shown in Ihc-ir annual struggle for their mates, which oftm approximates a vrtr of extermination.

Polar bears wro encountered in large s and at cloae aud fun in their act, thoy play a num ber of instruments well and have :i humorous line of patlor. Miss Dorothy Harris is an English comedienne who sings a of songs in a vory pleasing and entertaining manner. Among those she will render will be the latest composition by Harold Orlob. An interesting series of motion pictures devoted to the world's news will be presented by the Gaumont Weekly, which hereafter will be given ils first run at the Orphouiu each week.

In 'the presentation o1 ; ". There are nearly a score of people in the cast which includes twelve' of the most sprightly giils, taken from amont; a hundred or more, und sent out with this production. Miss Pauline Fletcher and company taiy?? Do" Carey, the genius Tit thb'piano, is entertaining and clever bevoad comparison and moves thai he is a nast logue01' re!

E nevMis. Wednesday will sec a new bunch ot varieties. The headline attraction will be "Circumstantial Evidence," a strong heart to heart dramatic playlet written especially- for Harry Burkhardt by Paul Armstrong. With the clever character actor come twelve selected plav-ers. Wallace and Mack, Fox and Ward,, Ditrlcharoin. Hco SStiaB I hero js only on,.

VH tlto Play ils name fe" is vory fond -of the tl2KniK but his scusiblo wifo v? Mil J'W actor will l. Every 'playgoer his a cnK. THE bill at the Hex theater today is conceded by critics of the. Tho headline", a Powers snbjoct in two parts, entitled "Tho Tramp Reporter, ' is a splendidly portrayed story of how a young reporter sacrificed his career so that an old newspaper man might be reinstated and saved from slarvarion.

As a result of tho nrououneod suc cess mado by Leonore Gordon Harrison, dramutic. Davi:; has arranged a programme that should appeal to all. Starting tomorrow. Struggle " tho multiple reel at. A youth meets the slayer of his father and is unjnstlv. In a series of sensational incidents he wins toe love of the da-. The boxini: scenes bring roars of laughter, as well as tho -inglorious finish of the amateur pugilist.

Kff has 'bceu kocaly acaioui of '"SMil acquaintance with these. Bo aaw to! Lire of his plays. M fjj as Mr. V of every little deta. AH vopcrtou are arranedwith anjp fc Continued onjoHg. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Next. Get access to Newspapers.

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Queen meets king chivlary love and Salt Lake City Utah

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