No drama lookin for some fun in Laurel

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Cast member Sharritha Thigpen-Prater of our Dreamgirls ran across our website and just sent in some photos from two decades ago. Please consider donating or making a pledge to be a part of this and you'll secure your own engraved tile that will be included on a wall in the new lobby extension. A collection of old Pinehurst Hotel items will be on display in the new room.

A great old post card photo of the Pinehurst Hotel from back in the 20s. This was before an addition in added extra hotel rooms over to the right along with the Arabian Theatre right behind them. We'll even recreate the old secret side entrance that used to allow hotel guests to go straight into the theatre from right inside the hotel! We'll be mailing our annual brochure very soon. Reservation line opens July 30 and answers 24 hours a day at Witches, Giants and a Mermaid all show up in his stories.

Or were they actually real folks??? Reservation line opens September 17 and answers 24 hours a day at The original hit NYC stage play ran for three years in the late s with over 1, performances. In , there was also a successful Broadway revival.

It became a top-ten film of the year and remains an all-time American favorite. for Steel Magnolias cast list. Reservation line opens February 4 and answers 24 hours a day at The story? It premiered in Atlanta at the Olympics Arts Festival, and then moved on to Broadway for a successful two year run. Reservation line opens May 26 and answers 24 hours a day at Many kids grew up reading the book and loving the movie version about the precocious little five-year-old Matilda Wormwood as she and her fellow students deal with their vicious school headmistress, Miss Agatha Trunchbull, and their lovely teacher, Miss Honey.

Matilda is an extraordinary young girl with a love of books, a vivid imagination and a sharp mind. A new Netflix movie is currently in the works. The camp starts on May 26th — just as school ends for the summer. Would you like to receive our newsletter and annual season brochure? Click Image to Enlarge This logo celebrates our recent 60th anniversary. Out of productions we've presented over the last six decades, 75 of those show titles are included here. Are you an Amazon. You can help LLT out! Amazon has a program that contributes a portion of every purchase to charitable organizations - at NO extra cost to you.

Just go to smile. Thanks for supporting your local community theatre! We're looking for more old pictures of the Arabian Theatre, or any of the over shows we've produced at LLT over the last five decades. If you have a great story you'd like to share, write it up and send it on. We'll be sharing throughout the season on our website. Arabian Watercolor Click image to enlarge.

for the full story. You get four punches on each season ticket - allowing you to punch once per show, or you can even use up to two of your punches on any one production and bring someone with you. We're very proud of our historic Arabian Theatre, but we have to constantly work at keeping the facility maintained, and we have big plans to add the new Pinehurst Room extension in the next year or so.

That addition will run along the south side of the Arabian exactly where the old Pinehurst Hotel stood. And, YES, ladies, there will be brand new restrooms so you won't have to stand in that long line anymore! We'll need the help of our friends and families and even strangers to raise the funds to complete this. Remember us in your annual gift giving and in your wills and estate planning.

So many of our beautiful old buildings in Downtown Laurel have disappeared - help us to ensure this one continues to thrive. We're planning a Wall of Honor in the new Pinehurst Room that will memorialize your name or the name of those you'd like to remember. Do you sew? Like to help slap some paint on a wall? Do a little hammering? Let's Build The Pinehurst Room! View My Stats.

No drama lookin for some fun in Laurel

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