Naked women Ontario

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Or so says a held by a topless protestor at the Aug. The demonstration, attended by hundreds of bare-chested women, was organized by three sisters who were stopped by police in Kitchener, Ont. Far from covering up, the women demanded a formal apology from the officer who approached them.

One reason is that culturally, most women in North America are aware that exposing breasts in public means going against the norm. Their moral status is somehow associated with their breasts. There are instances where police feel justified in arresting topless women despite the legality of their actions. Context is key, according to Const. Victor Kwong of the Toronto Police Service. But the complicated task is defining lewdness.

Police have no guidelines and rely on the subjective view of the officer on duty. When does a scratch become a suggestive self-caress? The very idea of what constitutes indecency has also evolved in the past few decades. Morrison points out that in , when University of Guelph student Gwen Jacob was arrested for indecency while walking topless on a hot summer day, the arresting officers were of the opinion that just to have breasts exposed was indecent.

They were the ones behaving rudely and crudely. Not the women who chose to march down Yonge Street topless. And when social networking site Facebook recently banned pictures of breastfeeding, it only underlined ongoing public discomfort with exposed breasts. It has a great deal more to do with feelings of potential danger rather than perceptions of their own bodies. I am probably never going to go topless in public.

I would not feel safe. By Iman Sheikh - Published on Aug 13, Ontario's women won the right to go topless in , but many of them feel unsafe baring their breasts. Comments X. View the discussion thread. Our journalism depends on you. Portrait Image.

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Naked women Ontario

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