Mwm in Beatrice hotel looking to host

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BMtrlct, Hbc Sua. July It. It the bill, not Carol is on exhibit at the Miami, Fla. Court E. Stop in for appraisal and proposition. IAD, r.! It To Mail orders filled promptly Write directly to theatre pecifying of tickets and date St time of performance. As the most outstanding Jaycee in community development work from his state, he receives the expense-paid trip to the three day USJCC seminar sponsored by American Motors Corporation. The only national community development workshop exclusively for laymen, the seminar features sessions, conducted by specialists, stressing h o w civic organizations Celebrations to honor centenarians Aniociated Prcti Celebrations honoring two Ne-braskans on their th birthday anniversaries are scheduled Sunday.

His 10 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren will host the party. At Exeter, Mm. A native of Harpers Ferry, Iowa, she came to Nebraska at the age of six and first lived in dugout on a homestead five miles south of Utica. She was married in to William Mann of York and three of their four children are living. He has two living daughters. The Welsh actor went to his hotel suite and a spokesman for the theater later said Burton had recovered and will be back on stage tonight.

Since Burton had no understudy, his departure forced cancellation of the rest of the performance. The 1, persons in the audience were told their ticket stubs would be honored at a later date. No bomb was found. Don't overcrowd the saucepan or deep skillet when you are cookrig fresh fruit m a sugar syrup for a compote. For Swingers. The Claire Christy Trio. For Funl Don't Miss!

Thone for Res. Jansen, Nebr. Eight different discussions are planning in various phases of c o mmunity development work. Topics range from pub-He opinion survey techniques to solving community problems through the use of case studies.

Experts conducting workshops Varing the seminar are? Sandor B. Kovacs, head of the Tulsa University sociology department; Dr. Registration for the three-day event is expected to total as community development minded Jaycees are expected to accompany each state winner.

Climaxing the program Is the awards banquet Tuesday night when the five first place winner in the national com munity development competition will be announced. Stan Lad-ey, national Jaycee president, and William Hankla, public relations direc tor for American Motors Cor poration will make the presen tations. Billy Andrews lives in Dbahran. Saudi Arabia. English boys don't seem t o think so, but Dana Wynter is painfully aware of the fact that Hollywood producers have that dastardly opinion.

Hal" This Is about the best looking iceberg you'll ever see. She has a near - perfect face, highlighted by a pair of huge brown eyes that sparkle mischievously, Like most English girls, her complexion is radiant; 1 1 must have something to do with being brought up in all that creamy fog. But she does have a kind of built in haughtiness in her carriage, and perhaps that ac counts for it. I'm trying to break the moid now. She wants to change from iceberg to volcano o v e r-naght.

It includes the most delightful nude love scene. I imagine It has something to do with our upbringing. We a r e brought up to believe that o a e marriage is all we get. Consequently, we do not go about being sexy for everyone; we try to save ourselves for one particular person. Undoubtedly you can blame Louts B. Mayer for it. He started the whole thing. Today, the prevail ing attitude seems to be t h a t only large, bosomy girls are sexy. Everybody gets married and has children. And that includes thin ladies, too.

The subject of her name came up. Rumors have been spread that the studio wanted her to change it, for the sake of simplicity, pronunciation end space on the nation's marquees. I have a certain fame in Europe, and it would be lost if I changed my name. No, I shall not charge it. The only thing that distresses her is that the huge cant for "Ship of Fools" includ es everything but a single man.

They're all married. What does she think of American Romeos? Newest candidate for sexy movie roles is the English beauty, Dana Wynter. She claims that only "iceberg" roles were her lot In seven years of acting. She's out to break that mold now, probably in a film which carries the simple i and meaningful titU of "Intimacy. AP -Mrs. Marina Oswald, widow of the man accused of assassinat'tig President John F. Kennedy, got her first taste of. American resort living this week. Oswald spent a brief vacation at Lake Texoma near here with a couple from Richardson, Tex. Paas 3N.

Pass Fn Pan Openinf lead 4 S The writer of a bridge book has an easier time than the writer of a column. If you don't think so, look at this hand from Fred Karpin's book on decisions at trick one. East's queen of clubs held the first trick and South made the mistake of playing the seven spot instead of the jack. South won the heart return and cashed three top spades end three top hearts. Neither suit broke, so South led his jack of clubs. West did not cover.

The lesson Fred teaches is worth-while. South surely should had thought and then I dropped the jack of clubs, but South should have made the hand anyway. After his jack of clubs held, South could simply have played ace and another diamond. If East won the trick, he would be able to take a spade and a heart, but would have to concede the last trick to dummy's, ace of clubs. This b a very slisht overbid, but two ao-tramp is aa underbid. Men throw the bricks and women the rolling pjis. Tony O'Neil of England is the defending brick heaver with a throw of feet. Beryl Abbott of Australia is queen rolling pin tosser with feet 6 inch toss.

The teams in each town ex change telegrams to determine the winners. The contest began in when Stroud, Okla. Later the other Strouds ed and last year the rolling pin event was added. The fete was sponsored by the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to stir up interest in this year's eames. Trade with the East-suicide or good thing? Or is East-West trade a good thing?

Mwm in Beatrice hotel looking to host

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