Love is a leap of faith

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in. In every relationship we endeavor to find the one , we make a leap of faith that is essentially a tes t ament of faith in ourselves, in others, and in some cases, God. There are times when we feel that with every leap of faith, we put more than just our limbs at risk. This notion hits us, and we begin to panic, close up, and steer away from what possibly could be a great new change in our life. Are they worth the broken limbs, and possibly a broken heart? As human beings, we take risks because that is how we learn. All risks come with consequences, but regardless of what they are we will never know until we actually do it.

With every relationship that ends, we learn or at least try to what we want and do not want for ourselves. We all seek that someone who we feel completes us, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. And when we have found this person, we pray and ask God to let this person be the one because the idea of having to leap one more time would just be too hard to endure.

The truth is, there is no such thing as the one. Nobody is perfect, and certainly everyone has their flaws. What happens is as we mature, we learn to make exceptions. And it is because of love—and most importantly, time—that we make exceptions and accept these flaws as something beautiful within their character. That , is what makes our one. Get started. Open in app. in Get started. Get started Open in app. Love: A Leap of Faith. I run marketing for startups, but I only write about myself. Life Love Relationships Dating Sex. More from ranee Follow. More From Medium. Jeremy G. William Lister.

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Love is a leap of faith

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