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Sami was the loving son of Sami and Donna Mashni. He was preceded in death by his grandfathers; Virgil Mahan and Wadie Mashni. Sami enjoyed following U of M football, he was studying to be a history teacher and coaching high school football. He also enjoyed hunting and had a special affection for his dog Toby.

Good afternoon, it's been a while since I've typed anything on this. As you know it's not from not thinking of you all the time. Your in my heart and mind every second, every morning i say good morning to you and always wonder what you would think. Magen is pregnant and if it's a boy he will have your name. I miss you terribly and I'm sad that your not here with us. U of M is doing great and Harbaugh has got them relevant again.

We would have a blast down here. Not to much longer to see you. I know that for you it will seem like a split second, to all of us it's forever Love Dad. Thinking of you on your birthday. I want you to know that your Dad loves you so much. With each post you can feel that he misses your terribly and if he could he would change your death. The only good that I have seen from your passing is your father has found a strong relationship with Jesus which he expresses daily.

He can not wait to see you again when we all get to Heaven! Sami you are missed and I hope that some more good can come out of your terribly early departure from earth. You are loved. Dear Sami It really doesn't get any easier. I know you are at peace and resting for the BIG reunion. But, I lost my best friend, my sounding board, someone that would never let a day go by without contact. I'm alone here without in MI. I miss my family and I know I could talk to you about it. Yet the concussion didn't help, but never getting grips with the loss of my only son hurts the most.

I love and miss you and think of you , it seems like, every moment of the day. Toby is getting old, still a lot of spunk, but when he gets up from laying down he limps for a few steps. I will never give up on him, that I promise. I know you would never of Sports don't seem the same anymore, I get bored by it, so many things I stay away from because of that was ours.

Love and miss you dearly Dad. Good morning Sami, A nice spring morning, just got back from taking Toby for a good long walk. No matter how long or short , or what time, I always think of you when I walk him. Knowing that I'm doing my best to take care of Toby for you. Making sure he's loved and fed well, that is my honor to honor you.

Today I thought of the last time you had p on and you played in your senior year at Plymouyh. That was a run that was typical Sami. You nuked and powered your way 35 yards to the one yard line, big collision which re separated your shoulder , but you stayed in with the pain to score on the next play. Man do I wish you were healthy then. No one knows how your life would of went. I know you would of played college. From there no one knows where you could of taken it.

I do know this, you were good enough to take it all the way. You were a better player then anyone your age. Even the ones that played after high school. You did love it. I miss you every day, I think our God puts the great memories in our minds that was all of your life. Your growing up, with wonder amazement. How we used to sit and watch movies or sports. You were always a joy and blessing. I love you and will always wish you were still with us.

I know you would enriched our life to the fullest. Miss you dearly Your Dad. Sami, It's been a while. Your grandma sold her house and is with Larry in Mississippi. Toby and I are still in Michigan and supposed to Jin them but conflicted. Your in Ann Arbor and I know you are more in my heart then there but still. I miss you, had a dream about you last night again in all your glory on christ's second coming.

It was uplifting and warming. It's coming up on 18 months and it isn't any easier, that I can promise. You can thank Bill and Mary Beth, Scott's parents for paying to keep this sight up. Thank you very much. I moved back with tata till I figure out what to do. I had a severe concussion last year that has pretty well screwed me up. No longer outgoing. Can't even approach people for sales. I get tongue tied and can't even process thoughts let alone try to create a relationship. I'm sure it's that and losing you. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever thought that.

It's a nightmare that I cannot wake up from. But, I guess it's no longer deep hurt. Just joyous memories of you growing up and. Spending so much time together. It's ironic that in the last six months we worked together , went to the Tigers game, which is alas ting memory.

Madyson has been an angel, spending time with me and Zane is a Godsend. He is so much fun. Out of all the people I'm sure he is the one you would miss the most. Still remember that day we met her in kazoo and played with her at the park.

Even though she was young she still remembered you. You had that effect on everybody. Your memory will always stand for evermore in the forefront of all of our minds Love with every ounce of my being You dad.

My dearest friend, son, and my personal angel, Sorry I havnt written in a while. God knows I love you then and now. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't say good morning and I love you. Your mom , Madyson, Zane, and tony moved down to where Magen lives. Leaving me and you together, that's ok your all I need. Your grandma sold her house and moved to Mississippi. Although nobody would know she will never go to the dr. As for me I'm getting more clots in my legs. This one is huge it's also a bruised real bad.

Black and blue. Hurts to put any weight on it. Don't worry I can handle the pain enough to walk Toby all the time. I gave Toby a haircut and a real good bath. I lost my apt and now live with my mom. I love you and miss you so much. Sami, I drove by Ramona Park yesterday and this overwhelming ache in my heart made me pull in. I spent about 15 minutes just staring at the Rocket Football fields and remembering. Times were so much better then you were in the world and you were our quarterback.

Each game with Victory on our Minds, your mom and I screaming and cheering for our kids and our husbands the coaches. I can still see your smile and your determination to win all over your face. Oh I thought if we go back to that time, that year.. Yes we won, we were undefeated and champions but somehow I felt that we should have done something differently that might have changed the course of life.

One never knows what will happen or why. I know as I drove away and wiped the tears from my eyes they were for the life that was cut way too short. See you heaven Sami! Sami, Another day without you. A little story of a person that had everything he wanted but was never happy.

Always thought more would make him happy. Drove him crazy, night and day he obsessed when all the time he had the one thing he always wanted. A beautiful home a wonderful family great kids. The only things that make you happy are not worth anything monetary. Every that is rusts or wilts. But love doesn't cost a thing. It took losing everything to learn that. Then at your lowest a gift of love is thrown your way.

I want bury my face Livonia your legs

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