Dating the boss

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According to surveys, a quarter of American workers now say they have merrily dipped their pen in the company ink. Fifteen percent say the person they dated was their boss, notes CareerBuilder , a popular job site. If these firings are any indication, the rules of dating up or down are likely to evolve in the MeToo era. These changes have been attributed to the rise of the third-wheel in the workplace, i. The stronger the prohibition on workplace fraternization, the more likely companies will maintain their retention rate. Your colleagues are still going to cluck their tongue, and the HR might make one of you re from the position.

The boss-employee relationship is not entirely uncommon in the workplace. According to shocking poll findings by video recruitment website Jobs2View , nearly half of bosses have the hots for a member of the staff. Then again, be prepared for a career brick if things go south. Similarly, bosses should be vary of the legal ramifications of a relationship with an employee.

There are also multiple possibilities of potential conflicts of interest that can be hard to resolve. Your affair could be fodder for office gossip. Or worse, it could impact your relationship with your work chums. Some colleagues may think the boss is giving you preferential treatment at work. To avoid claims of dropping the ball, you might actually have to step up your game and work harder than ever.

Everyone will naturally think that the person sleeping with the boss will have the inside scoop on promotions, pay and information, and that undermines trust in leadership, says Chestnut. Statistics suggest that a boss-employee relationship is more likely to end up in a happy long-term marriage rather than tearful endings and ruined careers. Learn how not to blur professional lines by dredging home issues into the office. PDAs also known as public displays of affection are a big no in the workplace. You may no longer hate Mondays but your colleagues will when find the two of you in a smooch galore by the watercooler.

Keep your work s and expense s business-oriented. Save private communications for your personal phones and s. Set boundaries and have a clear understanding of expectations and make sure you are on the same . You may find yourself slacking once the novelty of the relationship wears off. Your relationship with the boss should not define your place in the company. A lot of sexual-harassment companies result from romances gone sour. One of you might decide to break it off, while the other wants to relentlessly pursue it and it turns into a non-consensual affair leading to a harassment claim.

Even if there is no policy, the time has come to speak to HR about the relationship. Experts suggest that the people involved in such scenarios should ask to transfer to a new boss or reas their direct report to another team. This will also help you avoid making a trip to the human resources if the relationship is over.

Sometimes operating in different silos may also help if the relationship is going to be long term. How do you deal with an office breakup? Subscribe to the leading Human Resources Magazine to receive exclusive news and insights directly to your inbox. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Priyansha Mistry February 13, Featured Workplace Culture According to surveys, a quarter of American workers now say they have merrily dipped their pen in the company ink. She helps HR professionals identify issues with their talent management and employment law.

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Dating the boss

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Dating The Boss, Crossing An Invisible Line?