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Click a 3-way toggle twice to select all subtopics; click on "Filter" for more details. We use cookies to set your default timezone, keep track of your preferences, and to keep you logged in. Filter by: topic language saved more. Biology Chemistry 9. Computer science Earth sciences 8. Economics 9. Mathematics Physics K-theory and homology 6. HEP - experiment.

HEP - lattice 1. HEP - phenomenology 9. HEP - theory English Portuguese 6. French 2. Japanese 1. Spanish 1. Majorana", Univ. Institute of Mathematics, Natl. Filter by:. From Fractional Quantum Hall to higher rank symmetry. Convergence to Plancherel measure of Hecke eigenvalues.

Point Distributions Webinar. Dynamics, transfer operators, and Laplace eigenfunctions. Brane quantization of SL 2,C moduli spaces. Clemens Koppensteiner. The Heisenberg category of a category, I. Fission yeast polycystin Pkd2p promotes resumption of cell growth after cytokinesis; TBC. Quantum Fields, Geometry and Representation Theory Quadratic forms, linear algebraic groups and beyond. Refined unramified cohomology of schemes. Compactness in the moduli space of constant Q-curvature metrics on finitely punctured spheres.

Relaxations of almost perfect nonlinearity. Wave turbulence and anomalous diffusion of jets in the QGP. Quantisation of moduli spaces of meromorphic connections, and relations with irregular CFT. Geometry of the Hitchin integrable systems, and some variations 1. Diameter and Laplace eigenvalue estimates for left-invariant metrics on compact Lie groups. Professor Larry Guth. Focusing waves and combinatorics of lines. Metric differentiation and embeddings of the Heisenberg group. Shining a rainbow-coloured light on the fundamental theorem of algebra.

A geometric reduction method for semilinear PDEs. On the structure of Ricci shrinkers. Enlargeable Length-structures, Rigidity, and Scalar Curvatures. Towards the classification of symplectic linear quotient singularities admitting a symplectic resolution. Tsukasa Ishibashi. -stable mutation loops and pseudo-Anosov mapping classes. Affine Springer fiber and representation theory of W algebra. Regensburg Seminar in Homotopy Theory and related Areas. Diffeological vector spaces. Resolvent at low energy for higher order scattering differential operators.

and simulations for solar basins of light bosonic particles. Linear growth of quantum circuit complexity. Galois geometries and their applications: young seminars. Pseudo-ovals of elliptic quadrics as Delsarte des of association schemes. Varieties of general type with small volume. Stronger bounds for weak epsilon-nets in higher dimensions. Control in Times of Crisis.

Online seminar. Kaplansky's conjectures. Input-to-State Stability and its Applications. A Lyapunov-based small-gain approach to ISS of infinite nonlinear networks. Moments, ratios, arithmetic functions in short intervals and random matrix averages. Stability of pencils of plane curves. Counting elliptic curves with a rational N-isogeny. Affine Springer fiber and representation theory of W algebra WP. LieJor Online Seminar: Algebras, representations, and applications. A finite-dimensional model for affine, linear quantum lambda calculi with general recursion.

Objects and Modalities. Categorical differential structures and their role in abstract machine learning. Spectra of compact quotients of the oscillator group. Low index capillary minimal surfaces. Decidability of subtheories of commonly used domains in Algebra and Theory. Valeriano Lanza. Moduli of flags of sheaves: a quiver description.

Ancient solutions to geometric flows. Convex ancient solutions to curve shortening flow. Mean curvature flow of entire graphs evolving away from the heat flow. Geometry of the Hitchin integrable systems, and some variations WP. Geometry of the Global Nilpotent Cone. The mysterious Kronecker coefficients of the Symmetric group. From 3-manifold invariants to theory.

Chat org s free com Chemnitz

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