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For more information on applying for a permit for those aged 12 and under, see Adolescent employment permit. An Employment Standards permit is required to employ people 13 to 14 years of age in an artistic endeavour , or work that is not listed above.

For more information on applying for a permit for those age 13 to 14, see Adolescent employment permit. Employers of food service employees aged 13 or 14 must ensure that employees are under continuous adult supervision. Employees who are 15 years of age cannot work during regular school hours unless enrolled in an off-campus education program. Employees 15 to 17 years of age who work in retail or hospitality as listed below can only work between 9 pm and 12 am with adult supervision.

They can't work between am and 6 am. Employees 15 to 17 years of age who work in jobs that are not in retail or hospitality can work between am and am. However, they require:. Hospitality includes hotels, motels or any place that provides overnight accommodation to the public.

As with all other workers, people under 18 years old are only covered by Employment Standards rules if they are employees. For the same type of work, such as refereeing, some workers may be true employees, while others may be doing it casually or as a self-employed contractor. The important thing is not the type of job; it is whether the worker is a true employee. In employment relationships, employees provide services to employers for pay.

It is important to remember that all Employment Standards and Occupational Health and Safety legislation applies to the employment of people under This continues to include the requirement for all employers to perform hazard assessments. Resources are available to help employers understand the process of doing hazard assessments:. The sample hazard assessment form is available to help employers to complete hazard assessments. Employers are responsible for understanding the rules. Reading the assessment and control guide is strongly encouraged.

Identifying hazards is just the first step in being safe at work. Employers are responsible for continually measuring risks and developing appropriate controls of hazards. Part 2, Division 9 of the Employment Standards Code and Part 5 of the Regulation outline the rules for employing people under Disclaimer: In the event of any discrepancy between this information and Alberta Employment Standards legislation, the legislation is considered correct.

Your submissions are monitored by our web team and are used to help improve the experience on Alberta. If you require a response, please go to our Contact . You will not receive a reply. Submissions that include telephone s, addresses, or s will be removed. Table of contents. Basic rules There are restrictions on the jobs that people under 18 years old can do. Some jobs for people 14 years old and younger require a government permit. This varies by age group and type of work.

People aged 14 and under need to get a parent or guardian's permission to work. There are also restrictions on the hours when people under 18 are allowed to work. There are some important exceptions: Rules for youth employment only apply to employees, not self-employed contractors or volunteers. For more details, see Self-Employed and Contractors. There are different rules for students in an approved training course or integrated learning program. Youth follow the same rules as other farm and ranch employees. All employees, including those under 18 years of age, are entitled to the minimum standards of employment, such as general holidays, vacations, minimum wage and termination notice or pay.

As with all employees in Alberta, employers of people under 18 years old need to perform hazard assessments and control workplace hazards. Employees 12 years of age and under May only be employed in an artistic endeavour. A permit is required for work in artistic endeavours. Allowable hours of work and any other restrictions will be determined during the permit approval process. Parent or guardian consent is required.

Employees 13 to 14 years of age Parent or guardian consent is required for all jobs. Retail includes selling any of the following: any food or beverages any other commodities, goods, wares or merchandise gasoline, diesel fuel, propane or any other product of petroleum or natural gas Hospitality includes hotels, motels or any place that provides overnight accommodation to the public. Was this helpful? Yes No. All fields are required unless otherwise indicated. What were you trying to do? What went wrong? Send your feedback.

Alberta teen

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